The SM12 is a full-spec professional monitor console offering twelve mono plus one stereo sends for use in touring or fixed applications. Soundcraft’s design expertise has produced a console which sounds superb in every on stage situation, but works equally well as a front-of-house mixer. In fact, with logical sub-grouping and an advanced solo system, the SM12 out-performs many traditional front-of-house consoles.

Soundcraft SM12

  • The key features:
    • 40 XLR preamp inputs & channel strips
    • 12 mono sends
    • Stereo send
    • PRE/POST fade switching on each pair of sends and the stereo send
    • 4 programmable mute groups
    • 4 band sweep EQ
    • 100mm linear faders on all inputs and outputs
    • Sophisticated solo system with autocancel, central global clear and switchable input priority.
    • Metering for all inputs and outputs
    • External inputs for all group and stereo mix buses, with level control and listen facility
    • Balanced inserts on all outputs with bypass switching, and pre-insert solo facility
    • Balanced inserts on all inputs