Offering you more productivity, more reliability and more control, Shure UHF-R is a workhorse wireless system that helps master the complexities of large-scale wireless productions.


The UR4D+ receivers are dual-channel and come packaged with two Shure UR2 Beta 58A handheld microphones for a premium wireless solution. Also available to hire are various interchangeable wireless microphone capsules, including the Telefunken M81-WH and DPA d:facto II.

Shure UR4D+ Beta 58A

    • System RF Carrier Frequency Range: J5 578-608Mhz & 614-638MHz
    • Working Range 150m under typical conditions; 500m line of sight
    • Transmission Audio Frequency Response 40-18,000 Hz (+1 dB, –3 dB).
    • Modulation FM (45 kHz max. deviation), compander system with pre- and de-emphasis
    • System Distortion 105 dB, A-weighted Ultimate Quieting >100 dB A-weighted (ref. 45kHz deviation)
    • Operating Temperature Range -18º to +57º C