The Time Traveler features a warm, studio sound quality and very low noise levels. A dbx style compressor with adjustable threshold is coupled to dual inputs and the renowned Eden enhance control. The Time Traveler has an etirely new feature, an optically coupleddynamic smart booster for bass and treble. This allows for the bass and highs to be solid and well defined from a whisper to a roar. It automatically compensates for playing level so that the sound quality is maintained. Additional features include multiple patch points, auxiliary inputs, variable distortion, pre/post DI section, mute to tune, and a built in practice mode.

David Eden WT405 Bass Amp

  • Power: 250W @ 8Ω, 405W @ 4Ω, 620W @ 2Ω
    Output: x2 inch jacks (parallel), x1 speakON
    Weight: 8kg