Together the Cobra 18R2 Scripted Remote and 18M Firing Module create the perfect safe and portable wireless firing system for your pyrotechnic needs. 

Cobra Wireless Firing System

  • Boasting bi-directional communication, the 18R2 removes the guesswork that exists in most wireless systems by allowing you to check continuity, arm-state, and signal strength directly from the remote. You can feel confident knowing your modules are armed, in good range, and ready to fire from the palm of your hand at any time.

    For professional use, the 18R2 creates new opportunities for small to mid-sized display companies by allowing them to easily, reliabily, and affordably shoot pyromusicals with minimal operator training compared to any other system in the market. With powerful cueing features the 18R2 is Cobra's most popular remote with thousands of units in the field being used daily by professionals worldwide.

    The 18M is a compact and rugged 18-cue firing module that functions universally with the 18R2 hand-held remote and is perfect for both indoor and harsh outdoor environments. Each cue boasts 18V at 6A firing up to 10 series-wired e-matches, or 4 parallel-wired e-matches or Talon brand igniter clips per cue.

    Each firing module can be set to one of 100 channels by simply pressing the + and - buttons on the module. Then, using the 18R2 hand-held remote channel controls, you can fire any modules on the same channel. You can fire unlimited modules at the exact same time by setting them to the same channel.