The COBRA Audio Box is a stand-alone wireless audio playing device for playing music in perfect sync with your 18M firing modules. Simply plug the audio box into your sound system and start your script on the 18R2.

Cobra Audio Box

  • In addition to providing audio syncronization, the audio box is fully wireless, with the same range as the 18M modules (1,500+ ft. line of site). This allows the shooter to be in the best position for firing the show, and the audio box to be in the best position for playing the audio. In addition, the Audio Box uses a lite digitial signal to control the audio. Compared to beefy time code feeds that can be unreliable and require a constant transmission, the lite signal is very resiliant to low signal environments as the audio box will continue operation even if signal is lost.

    You can also use the Audio Box to add wireless COBRA 18M firing modules to existing systems (i.e PyroDigital, FireOne, Pyromate, etc...) that accept a SMPTE, FSK, or other time code feed. Simply plug the output of the Audio Box to the 3rd party firing system, start your 18R2, and the 18M firing modules fire together with the firing modules of the 3rd party firing system controlled by the Audio Box output time code signal.