The AT CLA700A+ Composite Line Array and the CLA LF3200A Sub Bass Enclosure combine to create the self powered BLACKBIRD CLA Sound Reinforcement System. The BLACKBIRD CLA System is the ideal solution for compact touring or in-house systems offering highly advanced line array technology in a compact and easy to use format.


The CLA700A+ is a 2 way composite line array system utilising well established line array principals to achieve exceptional frequency response and pattern control. The Bass/Mid Section features 4x 8″, Neodymium Loudspeakers. The critical High Frequencies are reproduced by a dual element ISOPHASIC HF Aperture. The CLA700A+ dispersion pattern is 150° Horizontal by 20° Vertical providing maximum audience coverage with unparalleled intelligibility. When 2x CLA700A+ are stacked, the vertical dispersion is reduced to 10°. Frequency response is 50Hz – 20kHz.


The CLA LF3200A Sub Bass System employs a high power handling 18” transducer to provide a frequency response from 32Hz – 200Hz which is tailored to perfectly compliment the CLA700A.


The CLA700A+ and CLA LF3200A are powered by sophisticated Powersoft Class D Amplifier Modules which feature fully integrated Switch Mode Power Supplies and on board Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Output power is 1,600 Watts RMS per channel for dual channel mode (CLA700A+) and 3,200 Watts RMS for single channel bridge mode (CLA LF3200A). 


Networkable connection is available for use with Powersoft’s Armonia software to control and monitor the system’s DSP and amplifiers.


A standard self powered BLACKBIRD CLA System employs 2x CLA700A+ Line Array Cabinets and 2x CLA LF3200A Sub Bass Cabinets per stack. Enhanced low frequency reinforcement, greater coverage and higher output can be readily achieved with additional enclosures per stack.

Acoustic Technologies CLA PA System

  • The Acoustic Technologies CLA700A+ & CLA LF3200A Self Powered Composite Line Array PA System is available for hire. The perfect high output PA system for your next festival, tour or event.


    Standard package includes: 4x CLA700A+ HF Elements and 4x CLA LF3200A Sub Enclosures.